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About Hailide

Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd was established in May 2001 and successfully went public on the Shenzhen stock exchange in January 2008 (Stock Code: 002206). Its corporate headquarters are located in Haining, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China. Hailide manufactures industrial polyester yarn, coated fabrics, tire cord fabric, SPC, and various other products. Hailide is a leading manufacturer with world class quality and excellent technology. Six factories are located in China and one in Vietnam, with distribution offices located in the United States, Europe, and Hong Kong.

In 2002, Hailide introduced industrial polyester yarn ranging from 100D to 180,000D. Its products are widely used in the automotive industry, for construction projects, energy transmission, healthcare, space and aviation, packing materials, sports equipment, and various other high performance industries.

In 2009, Hailide established Hailide America Inc, with headquarters in Atlanta, GA and 13 warehouses located throughout the country. In 2017, Hailide Fibers Europe A/S was established, headquartered in Randers, Denmark, with three warehouses located throughout Europe for increased delivery efficiency to Hailide’s customers. Hailide Vietnam Co, Ltd. was founded in 2018 to meet global customers’ growing needs and successfully entered commercial production in 2020.


Hailide America takes pride in its products and services, and strives for excellence in both the quality of its products and relationships with its customers. The team at Hailide America is always ready to help provide the best experience through competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and quick response time, in addition to timely and reliable delivery.

By the Numbers

"Port to Customer" Avg. Delivery Time 9 Days
Warehouses in North & South America 14
Industries Served (and counting) 45


National Organization for Standardization ISO 9001

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