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High & Super High Tenacity Yarns

High & Super-High Tenacity Yarns

High Tenacity Yarns

Excellent quality high tenacity yarns to serve as the unparalleled strength member in a variety of diverse applications – narrow fabrics, slings, ropes, nets, broad fabrics, braids, tie-downs, conveyor belt fabrics, thermoplastic hoses, fire hoses, coated yarns, and fiber optics.

High tenacity yarns are available in 500D – 6000D via direct spinning, giving Hailide polyester a major advantage in quality and bundle cohesion. All high tenacity yarns are also available with adhesive activated finish.

Super-High Tenacity Yarn

Highly engineered super tenacity yarns for demanding applications.

Tenacity of 9.8 grams per denier is available to help increase strength of your final product, meet ultra-high performance requirements, and improve yields.

Other Products

High Tenacity Yarn

Linear Density Range: 1000D – 6000D

High Tenacity Yarn Spec Chart

Super-High Tenacity Yarn

Linear Density Range: 1000D – 6000D

Super-High Tenacity Yarn Spec Chart

*Other deniers and property variations available upon request to meet specific customer requirements.
**Tenacity figures are minimums. Actual results are normally higher.

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