Importance of Customer Service | 4 MIN READ

Being an industry leader in the production of industrial
polyester yarns requires our company to be exemplary across many facets of the
customer experience.  One very important
aspect of this is the ability to provide world-class customer service
throughout the purchasing and delivery process of yarn.  

We recognize at Hailide America that the purchasing of a product made in
Asia and being utilized in North America can create challenges.  We also recognize that when a purchasing
department needs to choose between multiple options in the marketplace, the
ability of a supplier to provide the most comprehensive customer service has a
major influence on their selection of suppliers.  At Hailide America, we have a tremendous team
in customer service, taking pride in listening to every customer and
accomplishing exactly what that customer needs in terms of having a request met
with their product. Whatever industrial polyester yarn
you might have, Hailide America strives to provide the best
buyer experience possible.

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Flexible Options When Purchasing Yarn

Hailide America recognizes that each customer has a unique situation when it comes to purchasing PET yarn. Working closely with each customer to meet whatever need should be a critical consideration of any buyer.

  1. If you’re looking for the most competitive price, ensure you find an industrial yarn provider that offers direct shipments from overseas facilities, straight to your warehouse in the United States.
  2. If you are like many polyester yarn buyers, free space is at a premium. Ensure your provider has the flexibility to support smaller local shipments by offering enough local warehouse space.
    • As an example, Hailide America offers 10 different warehouses located in the following states (and two in Canada):
      • Rhode Island
      • North Carolina
      • South Carolina (x2)
      • Indiana
      • Minnesota
      • Ohio
      • Texas
      • California
      • Washington
      • Montreal
      • Toronto
  • Some providers can store safety stock at different warehouse locations for certain high-volume products. This offers customers peace-of-mind if they see a sudden surge in orders by allowing providers the flexibility to support from local warehouse, domestically.

Communication Options Once Yarn is Purchased

Choosing a Yarn Provider Based on Customer Service

Once a purchase order has been submitted, a provider should understand the obligation of keeping the customer updated throughout the process of getting materials to their facility.  Not only should they focus on identifying an ETA (estimated time of arrival) to the customer upon receiving their purchase order, but more importantly, have systems in place to notify the customer of any changes to that date as the manufacturing and shipping aspects of the process occur.  For us, some examples include:

  • Making the extra effort to supply customers with a weekly update on the tracking of their shipments from Asia to North America with all direct shipment orders.
  • Offering real-time tracking of containers, and alert customers if there is a change in ETA to port once we are notified by the shipping company.

Hands-on Domestic Logistic Support

When a customer orders materials that are already located in a domestic warehouse, the ability to get that material in a timely and cost-efficient manner is paramount to creating a positive experience for the customer.  A provider should strive to provide services for domestic logistic support to meet each customers’ specific needs by:

  • Making arrangements with your carrier of choice to get material to your facility.
  • Offering recommendations of carriers to use if you need more assistance in choosing one.
  • Handle all the freight arrangements from warehouse to destination if that works best for the customer.

Full-Service Customer Support for Unique Situations

Most orders will likely follow the same process, but there will always be opportunities when unique situations arise, and a quality polyester yarn provider can handle these as well.  Some examples may include:

  • Support all documentation requirements for your order.
  • Support multiple ship-to-locations, if necessary.
  • Arrange to customize shipments to meet whatever the specific needs are of the customer.

The Pitfalls of Poor Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction

Since 2020, the importance of customer service has been magnified exponentially in the eyes of purchasing managers who must purchase from overseas suppliers. Supply chains have received tremendous stress since then as high volatility in order rates have become the new normal.

Purchasing managers understand that when customer service is below average, they are putting their operations at risk of not being able to produce products for their customers. Too often, buyers are found expecting deliveries on time, only to discover that they are delayed, resulting in a shortage and a need to scramble – unable to produce.

The worst part?

Many suppliers cannot be bothered to update their customers on these delays, making it impossible for buyers to effectively plan. The resulting lack of communication causes operations to shutdown due to a lack of raw materials and showcases why exceptional customer service is a difference maker when choosing a supplier.

Hailide America acknowledges that customers have options when it comes to purchasing PET yarn in the marketplace.  We strive to provide the best customer experience with every customer interaction, and we believe that communication is the key.  Our customer service team is focused on providing accurate and timely information with each request from the customer and won’t stop providing communication until the need is met.

Whether you choose to do business with Hailide or another supplier, we hope that this article will assist you in the considerations that should be evaluated before your next purchase. At the end of the day, the best products in the world are ineffective if their delivery is unreliable.  

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